Traffic Congesttion Reason
Sir, Daily i commute on ORR from my home to office. Here are some obeservation i came accross to reduce the traffic accumulation on ORR road near sarjapur flyover and ecospace. 1. While going towards silkboard daily there is traffic accumulated starting from Eco-space till end of sarjapur flyover, and it is only because of the big hump and spoiled road at the end of sarjapur flyover. people who can easily go in 60 speed reduce to 20 speed because of the big hump and spoiled road. If we can remove the hump on main road and if needed fix some big sign board for safety should be enough. It will reduce traffic to a greater extent. 2. While going towards Marathalli, there is huge traffic accumulated starting from agara flyover till Ecospace. I think it is because of bus stop and people changing lanes in front of Ecospace. If the bus stop can be moved away from ecospace and proper sign board be installed asking to be in proper lane in advance then huge traffic can be reduced. Kindly help in considering my suggestion and take necessary actions. I appreciate your efforts in maintaining the city traffic but there is lot more needs to be done. Best Regards, Kirankumar
By Anonymous on 14-10-2016