Traffic @ K R Puram Junction
Hello Sir, I daily commute through K R Puram railway junction, ORR. And I usually daily face traffic from K R Puram to Benniganahalli flyover. I observed some reason behind it. 1. Buses at Tin factory & K R Puram - Buses (Private & BMTC) are stopping on the road and not only on the bus stand but anywhere where they see any commuter standing. They stop for how long they want without any reason and also occupying 2nd lane too. Sometime three buses parallelly parked and allowing commuters to board the bus. 2. Pedestrian over-bridge missing at K R Puram Junction - The traffic police is stopping the moving traffic to allow pedestrian to cross the road. This cause the traffic to increase at the junction. If there were a pedestrian over-bridge, I hope, this will reduce task of at least 2 police men there who constantly helping people to cross the road. Thanks, Shahid
By Anonymous on 07-11-2016